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About OBA

For Those Who Walk Into Danger


Thank you for spending countless hours at the firehouse. Thank you for waking up at 2:00 am to help save a family whose house burst into flames. Thank you for saving the life of someone's father when he went into cardiac arrest. Thank you for using the Jaws of Life to extract the woman who was hit head-on. Thank you for being so selfless that you do not even think twice when you run into a burning building. You are heroes. You may not feel like you are, but I can promise you there is a little boy or girl looking up to you. A little boy dresses up like a firefighter for Halloween every year. A little girl is in awe when a fire truck passes her in traffic.

For these reasons, and countless more, we are offering $5,000 in death benefit. We know what you do and the many reasons why you are called to leave your firehouse. No matter the reason we will be there for you and your families, the ones you leave behind.